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14th May 2019

Tonight’s training Defenders warmed up and stretched then Cavan ran the green belts through their next grading while Megan and myself took the rest through the yellow belt list then pad work 10 punches and swap then 5 knees and roundhouse kicks both legs (not at the same time) finished with putting the 2 sets together.
Next class warmed up and stretched then pad work and body conditioning letting punches and kicks land and ended with sparring nothing fancy just more physical.

Welsh IKO championships

On Saturday 4th May SEF Karate travelling to Wales to take part in the 3rd IKO Welsh championships. Its not our style or fighting system but because of how we train we thought let’s have a go. We did do one 2 years ago but this time we had good numbers 11 in total and came home with 14 trophies. Well done to all that took part we’ll be back next year.

Classes 14th April 2019

This mornings classes Junior and adults pad work working on speed and fitness 30 punches with sets of 10 star jumps between each set then pad work using punches and kicks working the legs more and sets of 10 push ups hands in different positions. Then 3 minutes each on the punch bag while their partner skipped with push ups and sit up with planks. Finished with sparring 2 minutes session.
Defenders did a warm up then pad work then using the punch bag to spear and 10 punches lastly running side kick.

Classes 30/09/2018

Good training today adult and junior class we used the yellow belt grading syllabus to warm up and added pushups, burpees, crunches, running squats, star jumps, planks, leg raises, squat thrusts after sets of 10 for each technique. Then moved on to grading lists for gradings next month and finished with stand up grappling with punching and kicking included and the aim getting your opponent on the floor but getting back up asap.
Defenders warmed up then worked on stances and then moved onto pad work with a shoulder roll and finished with kneeling grappling.

Classes 19-08-2018

Training today adult and juniors worked on side kicks, front leg, back leg. Using support to focus on technique and last power kicks. Then finished with pad work cardio with punches and push ups then roundhouse kicks and running squats.

Defenders quick warm up then practiced shoulder throws and then getting up from being on their back and pinned. Then grappling from kneeling and  finished with some fitness. 

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Classes 14-08-2018

Excellent training to night
Defenders started with fitness, punches for 20 seconds then 10 push ups three sets. Followed by 20 seconds of kicks swapping legs every 5 kicks then 20 running squats. Finished with a assault course.
Adult and juniors warmed up then practiced grading lists.
Finished with 30 seconds of punches with 20 push-ups three sets each.
#martialarts #karate #fitness

Classes 12-08-2018

Training today we warmed up and stretched then worked on a roundhouse heel kick. Next was grading lists covering technique’s required for students next belt.

Defenders warmed up then using an assault course worked on punches, kicks, defensive pad work, running, crawling and jumping. We finished with a  time trial around the course.

Classes 7-8-2018

Last night Defenders worked on side kicks, roundhouse kicks controlled and power with running, push ups, star jumps and running squats and punches as a warm up and stretching.
Adult and juniors warmed up and stretched then worked open hand strike, the stepping back twice at an angle then attacking/defending also moving not giving the attacker time to settle.

Classes 5-08-2018

Todays training adult and junior class we worked on side kicks, elbow strikes, forearm strike. Then low round house kick followed up by a spinning heel kick. We finished off with stand up grappling with the emphasis being if your taken down or the taker down GET UP.

Defenders class we worked the same techniques but finished with stamina and exercise.